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Kick Boxing Near Me

Jan 5

For mixed martial artists, a heavy bag is a valuable tool. You can use them for many purposes, and they come in many sizes. Most commonly found in Denver MMA clubs are Muay Thai banana bags and boxing heavy bags. They typically weigh between 70-200 pounds.

The lighter bags can swing more in nature and can help develop timing, rhythm, and footwork. On the other hand, the heavier bags can be used to improve power and your ability to sit on your strikes. It can be intimidating to approach a heavy bag for the first time. Knowing where to begin can make it easier.

Evolve Daily has a beginner's guide to how to use the heavy bag in MMA.

1) Jab

The jab is one of the most crucial strikes in all combat sports. As a beginner, it is important to focus your efforts on developing your jab as well as learning good habits. This is a straight punch, using your lead hand. There is no telegraphed movement. Like any punch, make sure you land with your first two fingers.

2) Cross

The cross is your primary punch. It is usually delivered from your dominant hand and often paired with your jab. You should turn your hip to the shot and sit down. Otherwise, you will get an arm punch with little power.

3) Uppercuts

Uppercuts are difficult to throw for beginners. Although they are technically straight punches, they can be thrown from side angles. However, beginners throw them as wild arcs. WBA World Champion Drian Francisco demonstrates five essential uppercut combinations.

4) Keep/Push Kick

The deep is, in particular, the lead leg-teep. It's basically a foot jab. This is your longest weapon and the closest to your opponent. To avoid sweeps and counters, you may need to lean slightly back.

5) Roundhouse Kick

Many martial arts have a strong tradition of the roundhouse kick. Mixed martial arts use the Muay Thai version most often.

6) Knees

You can throw elbows and knees at your opponent in clinch range. You can see Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, Muay Thai World Champion, demonstrate how to throw a rear straight leg on a heavy bag.

7) Elbow Strikes

The most powerful weapon in the body, the elbows are the hardest bone in the body. Your footwork is identical to your punching footwork except that of the spinning elbow. Relax your wrist and strike while keeping your elbow tip as straight as possible. Your elbow should be facing you on the same sidearm.

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