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Addiction Counseling Near Me - Getting Help For Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Mar 7

Only 2.6 million people with addiction receive treatment in specialist institutions, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2009. Addiction counselors are a necessary part of the workforce because their expertise is in high demand; they are an important part of the substance abuse treatment industry.

What's An Addiction Counselor?

Addiction therapists are professionals that specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of persons who have problems with drug misuse and addiction.

An addiction therapist, often known as a substance abuse counselor or an addiction counselor, is a mental health practitioner who specializes in treating persons with addictions and addiction-related difficulties. Although many of these professionals are in recovery, it is not a necessity for the position. Addiction therapists operate in a variety of contexts, including private practice, drug addiction treatment centers such as rehab, group practices, and hospitals.

Certified Addiction Therapists

To work as an addiction counselor, you must first finish a training program that teaches you about chemical dependency, psychology, legal difficulties, and the numerous treatment techniques available to persons who are addicted.

Some addiction therapists have a Master of Social Work degree, while others are LSWs (Licensed Social Workers) or LCSWs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers) (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). Any of these will qualify you to work as an addiction therapist; the only variation is the amount of time spent in a postsecondary school.

How Does Substance Abuse Counseling Work?

In a therapeutic context, such as their office within a treatment center, a substance abuse counselor works with the addict or alcoholic. Their goal is to assist clients in identifying the source of their addiction as well as adjusting to and progressing into a sober lifestyle. The addiction counselor creates a unique treatment plan for each client, taking into consideration the underlying reason or causes of their drug dependence and determining the best path of therapy, such as which therapeutic modality or modalities to utilize.

These trained counselors educate their clients on the nature of drug and alcohol abuse and teach them how to establish healthy coping skills in order to live a life free of narcotics in order to help them overcome their addiction. An addiction therapist's major purpose is to assist their clients in recovering from their addiction through therapy so that they have a better possibility of success.

Counseling for substance use disoders and addiction differs from one person to the next and frequently requires a variety of therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and family therapy.

How Does Addiction Counseling Help

When people hear the words 'substance abuse' and 'addiction,' they often think of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and meth. Soft substances, such as marijuana, can, nevertheless, lead to addiction. Addiction is a chronic medical illness that affects a person in two ways: they battle with obsessive thoughts that lead to compulsive actions, and they suffer with compulsive behaviors. Negative effects of this cycle include the loss of relationships, jobs, money, and legal and health difficulties.

Gambling, shopping, eating disorders, and sex, to mention a few, are all addictive habits that addiction counselors help clients with. Some addiction therapists specialize in a certain area of expertise, while others work with a wide spectrum of addictions. Addiction therapists meet with clients in both individual and group settings to give talk therapy in which they explore continuing concerns, make treatment programs, and learn how to live with life on their own terms.

Addiction therapists recognize the need of integrating family members in treatment regimens, and as a result, they provide family therapy, in which they educate loved ones of addicts on the disease of addiction and assist in improving family communication. Finally, drug and alcohol counselors assist in the administration of addiction treatment programs, which range from residential or inpatient institutions to rigorous outpatient programs (IOP).

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