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What Are Running Shoes? The Whaley Center

May 6

It is important that you select the appropriate pair of running shoes to meet your needs when shopping for new shoes. Running shoes don't all are created equal and not all are made equal.

This article will cover various types of running shoes and help you select the right one for you. We'll also provide some tips on how to find the ideal pair of running shoes for your requirements!

What Are Running Shoes?

Running shoes (also known as sneakers or athletic shoes) are a kind of shoe designed specifically to be used for running. They generally feature a cushioned sole to absorb the impact, a supportive upper that keeps your feet in place and good traction to prevent slipping.

There are a variety of running shoes available, each with its strengths and flaws. The right shoe is crucial, since it will make a huge difference in your performance and comfort while running.

The Various Types of Running Shoes

There are four kinds of running shoes: cross-training shoes (cross-training shoes) as well as trail-running shoes (road-running shoes), and racing flats (running flats).

Road-running shoes are made to be worn on pavements and other surfaces that are smooth. They tend to be lighter and have less cushioning as other kinds of footwear, as they don't need to withstand the same amount of impact.

Trail-running shoes are able to be used on rough or uneven terrain. They have an aggressive tread pattern and are more cushioned than road-running sneakers to protect your feet from injury and provide traction on slippery surfaces.

The shoes for cross-training can be used for walking, running and weightlifting. Because they are not intended for running long distances and walking, their soles are generally flat and have minimal cushioning.

Racing flats are a type of shoe made to speed, not for comfort. They are very lightweight and feature minimal cushioning so that you can run faster.

What to look for While Searching For Running Shoes

Now you've got a better idea of the various types of running shoes available. Now it is time to select the perfect one to suit your needs. Consider these factors when choosing the right pair of running shoes:

  • The kind of surface you'll be running on
  • Type of foot
  • Your gait (the motion of your feet during your run)
  • Distances you'll be covering

Types of Surfaces

There are three primary kinds of surfaces: concrete, asphalt, and trails. Concrete is the most challenging surface. It has the lowest impact on your feet. Although asphalt is a little more flexible than concrete, it's very hard. Because they're usually composed of grass or dirt trailing is the softest surface.

Foot Type

There are three kinds of feet: high arches, flat feet and neutral feet. The high arches are less in contact with the ground during running and therefore you require shoes that offer more cushioning.

Flat feet have more contact with the ground, which is why you need shoes that will provide more support. Shoes that offer both cushioning and support for your neutral feet are needed as they fall between high and flat arches.


Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls when it hits the ground. There are three kinds of pronation: overpronation (neutral) and underpronation (under pronation). Your foot will move slightly to the side when you touch the ground if you have neutral pronation. Overpronation refers to the fact that your foot moves inwards when it hits the ground.

This can cause issues with your knees, hips as well as your ankles and knees. Subpronation, also called supination, is when your foot doesn’t roll into the right direction when it touches the ground. This can lead to problems with the shinbones of your feet.


We'd like to conclude with a reminder that running shoes are available for all types of pronations. The Whaley Center can help you identify the type of pronation your feet are equipped with and assist you in finding the best running shoe for you.

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