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The Highly Recommended Center for Marriage Retreats Near Me

Jul 4

When you get married, you expect things to be smooth. But sometimes, things get tough, and you may even think of getting a divorce. You need to know that married life is not easy, and issues will be there in Northampton, MA. How you handle the relationship issues determines if your marriage lasts or not. Sometimes, going to a marriage therapist is not the best option. You need to go to a relationship retreat in Northampton organized by An Affair Of The Heart. Here are Issues we can address during the retreat.

Problems with Sexual Intimacy

Sexual desire changes over time in marriages. Newly married couples may have a much stronger desire than those married for years. But that is not always the case. You can enjoy sexual intimacy till old age. If you have problems with sexual intimacy with your partner, you should come to our marriage retreats near me. Our team will address issues causing a lack of connection and sexual desire, such as unhealed wounds and poor communication. After the retreat, you will feel attracted to each other and enjoy intimacy just like newlyweds.

Contemplating Divorce 

Frequent arguments, lack of trust, and respect can make you think of getting a divorce. These issues can make you think that you married the wrong person and that leaving them will give you a peaceful life. But before you ask for a divorce, you should come to a couples counseling retreat organized by An Affair Of The Heart. Our marriage therapists, led by Ross Hickerson, will address issues affecting your marriage and enlighten you to be more understanding and trusting. That will help restore your relationship. 

Living Like Roommates

As time goes by, some partners in marriages take each other for granted. Most partners focus on their careers while others pay attention to the kids. They don't have time for each other and can't even agree on anything. Our marriage therapy retreat can help you if you are living like roommates in your home. The retreat will give you an opportunity to reestablish why you are together, rekindle the lost passion, and rebuild connection for happier marriage life. 

Broken Connection or Relationship

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is a challenge. You can feel disconnected from your partner at some point in life, and you should look for a solution. When you come to our Marriage Counseling Retreat, our professional marriage counselors will address issues causing the broken connection and fine-tune your relationship to ensure it stays on track.

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