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EMDR Therapy Surrey, BC: EMDR and its Role in Dealing with Anxiety in Surrey, BC

Dec 29

Anxiety is a disorder that affects a person's mental and physical health, causing an inability to function in everyday life. It can manifest through physical symptoms such as chest tightness, trembling, and restlessness, as well as psychological symptoms such as racing thoughts and a sense of impending doom. Such symptoms profoundly affect an individual's emotional well-being and ability to perform their daily activities.

Over the last few years, the number of people living with anxiety has risen, particularly in the greater Vancouver area. Fortunately, many effective treatments are available to help those struggling with anxiety symptoms and maintain emotional well-being. One such treatment is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

EMDR Surrey, BC is a form of psychotherapy based on the idea that traumatic events become ‘stuck’ in our brains and can cause physical, emotional, and cognitive disturbances. Using eye movement and other techniques, EMDR Surrey, BC helps individuals process traumatic events, allowing for these events to be better understood and eventually put to rest.

How Does EMDR Work?

The details of EMDR therapy Surrey, BC differ from one provider to another. However, the general process is the same. During an EMDR session, the therapist will first help the client identify the core traumatic experience causing anxiety. The therapist will then use a series of bilateral stimulation techniques to help the client process the event more adaptively. These techniques usually involve the client moving their eyes from side to side or tapping various body areas rhythmically. Eye movements are thought to recreate the REM sleep cycle and help the brain process the trauma.

What Makes EMDR Therapy Effective?

EMDR therapy Surrey, BC has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and other symptoms associated with traumatic experiences. It works by helping individuals process the trauma in a safe and controlled environment. This helps them to understand their feelings better and gives a constructive meaning to the event. Over time, the traumatic memories become more remote and no longer cause severe anxiety.

How Can EMDR Benefit People in Surrey, BC?

For people living in Surrey, BC, EMDR therapy can effectively reduce anxiety and create a more positive emotional state. There are many trained providers of EMDR therapy Surrey, BC, including Grigore Counselling. The team of experienced counselors at Grigore Counselling specializes in EMDR therapy and can provide professional support to those struggling with anxiety and trauma. In a comfortable and supportive environment, clients can learn to manage the complicated feelings the anxiety causes and identify the underlying beliefs driving these feelings. This can help them to manage the various stressors of everyday life better.


In conclusion, EMDR therapy Surrey, BC is a proven treatment for people dealing with anxiety and trauma in Surrey, BC. Offered by experienced counselors at Grigore Counselling, it offers individuals a safe and secure place to work through their traumatic memories in a controlled and constructive manner. With the help of EMDR therapy Surrey, BC, individuals can find a pathway to emotional healing and improved mental health.

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