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Mental Health Awareness Life Elevated Psychaitry

Oct 21

Mental health awareness is defined as the process of educating people on mental health. The term mental health refers to a person's emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health awareness includes educating people about:

- mental disorders and mental illnesses

- how to identify, cope and recover from mental illness or


- the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to support good

mental health

- how to be supportive and empathetic when dealing with someone

who has a problem with their mental health or mental illness

- how to be a good friend or family member to someone who has a

problem with their mental health.


Mental health awareness is important because it means that there

are more people out there who will be able to identify when they may have, or

someone else may have, a mental disorder and know what steps they can take to

live well with that disorder - such as seeking treatment like counselling.

Mental health awareness also ensures that those who may not quite understand

mental disorders (such as children) or those who don't recognize the need for

support and understanding for those suffering from one (such as employers),

will learn about mental illnesses and become more empathetic towards people

suffering from them.

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