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Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain in Portland, Oregon

Sep 24

Portland, Oregon, is a great place to live. It's full of beautiful scenery and has so many things to do! But sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable, which makes it hard for people who suffer from pelvic pain. If you are one of those people in Portland with pelvic pain that would like relief, then read on! Pelvic floor physical therapy is an option that may help relieve your symptoms. This blog post will discuss how pelvic floor physical therapy works and what you should know before starting sessions.

Why does pelvic pain happen in the first place?

Physical discomfort or pain in the pelvis is often caused by muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues that surround your pelvic organs. These structures can be injured through trauma (like a car accident), infection (PID), surgery (hysterectomy), or simply aging. Pelvic floor physical therapy Portland helps women recover after injury to this area – but it’s also used preventatively for women who are at risk of developing pelvic floor issues due to pregnancy/labor and genetics. The best time to see a PT about these issues is before you have symptoms!

What are some physical therapy treatments for pelvic pain?

One of the primary treatments for pelvic pain is physical therapy. A physical therapist in Portland is trained to treat a wide range of conditions, including nerve entrapments and joint problems, which can be some of the causes of pelvic pain. Pelvic floor physiotherapy Portland involves manual therapies such as soft tissue release (trigger point) techniques, myofascial release methods, neuromuscular re-education, and visceral mobilization, in addition to patient education on self-care strategies that support optimal function during activities.

How do I know if physical therapy is right for me?

It is important that you understand what the benefits are of PT for pelvic pain so that you have realistic expectations about how much help it will provide you. A physical therapist should ask detailed questions about your condition, such as: when did the symptoms start? What activities worsen the symptoms? Have there been any changes since then? Once these questions are answered, they can determine if pelvic therapy in Portland might be helpful for managing your pain management.

Tips on how to get started with physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain

The first step to getting started with pelvic therapy in Portland is to schedule a consultation. During the initial visit, your therapist will take a full medical history and perform an evaluation of your condition. They'll discuss possible treatment options for you! This part can be long depending on what's going on with you, so make sure you have some books or magazines at hand in case it takes longer than expected!

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